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Goril­la Capi­tal invests in ear­ly sta­ge tech­no­lo­gy star­tups in the Nor­dic region that match a cer­tain pat­tern (see the 9 cri­te­ria lis­ted on website).

We are an “ins­ti­tu­tio­nal angel inves­tor” fol­lowing an invest­ment stra­te­gy pro­ven to work by pro­fes­sio­nal Angel inves­tors. We invest from 50.000€ up to 1,5m€ in the star­tup in seve­ral rounds.

We don’t bet on catc­hing the black swan out­lier, our model is built on sta­tis­tical pro­ba­bi­li­ties based on real life evi­dence - Over 80% of tech exits in the Nor­dics hap­pen to com­pa­nies who have never rai­sed an A round. The most like­ly exit is an ear­ly sta­ge tra­de sale acqui­si­tion which rare­ly pro­duce sexy head­li­nes. We don’t need a miracle to pro­duce mea­ning­ful returns.

If you want some expo­su­re to ear­ly sta­ge star­tups in the Nor­dic region as an asset class but are unable or unwil­ling to build a suf­ficient­ly diver­si­fied star­tup port­fo­lio your­self, our Fund might be a rele­vant addi­tion to your selec­tion of invest­ment vehicles.

Our LP inves­tors ran­ge from big ins­ti­tu­tions (pen­sion funds) to high net worth indi­vi­duals. Many of our inves­tors have an ent­repre­neu­rial background and first hand expe­rience of star­tups themselves.

Our cur­rent Fund is clo­sed but we will soon start wor­king on the next one. If you would like to hear more from us, plea­se send us your con­tact details.


Sustainable Finance Disclosure

Kos­ka Goril­la Capi­tal Fund 2017 Ky:n sijoi­tus­koh­teet ovat nuo­ria ja juu­ri perus­tet­tu­ja yri­tyk­siä, tähän rahoi­tus­tuot­tee­seen sisältyvissä…

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