Fund 2017

Goril­la Capi­tal star­ted ope­ra­tions in Janua­ry 2018.

Click2Contract is a SaaS tool that helps sales­people to clo­se more deals.

The tool auto­mizes all bureauc­racy rela­ted to clo­sing deals. A sales­per­son needs only a few clicks for all the process of draf­ting, sen­ding, trac­king and get­ting accep­ted an offer, arc­hi­ving it as a cont­ract and report eve­ryt­hing in CRM.

Click2Contract also pro­vi­des infor­ma­tion on cus­to­mers´ beha­viour to enable the sales­per­son to take actions on right time. On top of that offers and cont­racts crea­ted with Click2Contract are visua­li­sed as res­pon­si­ve web­si­tes and crea­te modern cus­to­mer expe­rience.


Yiel­di is a digi­tal plat­form whe­re resi­den­tial real-esta­te sel­lers can pre­sent port­fo­lios for sale, and buyers can search for inte­res­ting tar­gets

Yiel­di is plat­form for matc­hing sel­lers and buyers in resi­den­tial real-esta­te. Yiel­di offers simplici­ty, efficiency and low-cost mar­ke­ting for real-esta­te inves­tors loo­king to divest a resi­den­tial port­fo­lio.

For inves­tors loo­king to acqui­re tar­gets, Yiel­di is a time-saving way of scree­ning for high-qua­li­ty poten­tial port­fo­lios. Yiel­di is sui­table for port­fo­lios from as litt­le as 3 apart­ments up to seve­ral hundred apart­ments.


Company42 build and sell digi­tal solu­tions that auto­ma­te complex legal proce­du­res with smart algo­rithms.

Our first pro­duct 42patents is the world’s first ful­ly auto­ma­ted patent renewal softwa­re. Our mis­sion is to free up resources for mea­ning­ful com­pa­nies and indi­vi­duals even­tual­ly making them able to accel and inno­va­te with posi­ti­ve­ly impact­ful inven­tions.


Alme­rin Ltd. com­bi­nes the most inno­va­ti­ve tech­no­lo­gy and high qua­li­ty Fin­nish peda­go­gy to crea­te intel­li­gent solu­tions to res­pond the needs of educa­tion.

Our tech­no­lo­gical team, toget­her with our peda­go­gical exper­ti­se ope­ra­tes eve­ry day to enable stu­dents to achie­ve bet­ter lear­ning outco­mes.

​We always deve­lop our pro­ducts in coo­pe­ra­tion with end-users as we did with our first pro­duct cal­led YipT­ree. Our headquar­ter loca­tes in Fin­land but we are pre­sent in Ger­man and Spain as well.


Hala is an AI Plat­form for busi­ness with the decent­ra­lized know­led­ge base for user sup­port and busi­ness process sup­port auto­ma­tion for the cor­po­ra­tes that use enterpri­se softwa­re - SAP, Oracle, Mic­ro­soft, Sales­force.

Hala subs­tan­tial­ly reduces IT ser­vice cost, impro­ve the pro­duc­ti­vi­ty of the busi­ness users and opti­mize the efficiency of the busi­ness. Hala trans­forms human know­led­ge into the digi­tal skills and brings fas­ter, actio­nable, more human-like com­mu­nica­tion back into the dai­ly inte­rac­tions enterpri­ses have with their sys­tems, work­force, cus­to­mers.


Hoi­va­net is Finland’s first pri­va­te Fami­ly Ser­vices Agency. Our mis­sion is to make the eve­ry­day life of fami­lies easier.

We brin­ging toget­her care, ear­ly educa­tion and house­hold ser­vices for fami­lies and make them easi­ly avai­lable 24/7. We are known for ser­vice qua­li­ty, lea­ding end-to-end cus­to­mer expe­rience and inno­va­ti­ve ser­vices. Over 5000 house­holds, 150 com­pa­nies and the big­gest munici­pa­li­ties in Fin­land trust on our help. We employ over 100 care and ear­ly educa­tion pro­fes­sio­nals and take bri­de in being a res­pon­sible emplo­yer.


Mode­ran is an onli­ne softwa­re for com­mercial real esta­te lea­se port­fo­lio and asset mana­ge­ment, repor­ting and ana­ly­tics.

We help com­mercial pro­per­ty owners and mana­gers maxi­mize their real esta­te reve­nue. Com­mercial real esta­te is pri­ma­ry focus (due to the more complex natu­re of lea­se terms), but fits also mixed port­fo­lios. Mode­ran is easy to set up and use, user-based pricing makes it affor­dable to any team size. Our onli­ne plat­form is con­ti­nuo­us­ly upgra­ded, with stan­dard inte­gra­tions to other industry softwa­re. Mode­ran is built inter­na­tio­nal, users can work in dif­fe­rent lan­gua­ges and whe­re­ver they are. We are proud to ser­ve cus­to­mers in 4 count­ries (the Bal­tics and Ger­ma­ny) alrea­dy and con­ti­nue our expan­sion.


Screen­ful deve­lops visual dash­boards and auto­ma­ted team sta­tus reports for most com­mon­ly used task mana­ge­ment tools such as Jira, Trel­lo, and Git­Hub).

Screen­ful is the easiest way to visua­li­se and sha­re the pro­ject progress wit­hin your team and with exter­nal sta­ke­hol­ders. Get a quick over­view of your team’s sta­tus on your smartp­ho­ne or tablet maxi­mize the effect by ins­tal­ling a lar­ge visible display.


Caddieye/TH Inno­va­tions Oy deve­lops and designs sen­sor tech­no­lo­gy for golf cour­ses that enable them to be more efficient and pro­vi­de bet­ter ser­vices to their gol­fers.
Cad­die­ye ser­vices are based on auto­ma­ted col­lec­tion of data cove­ring eve­ryt­hing that hap­pens on the cour­se.
By using this data, we can opti­mize the course’s play­abi­li­ty and enable the best pos­sible game expe­rience around the day.

We offer solu­tions to cour­ses with which they can col­lect data wit­hout complica­ted and cost­ly invest­ments so that they are able to bet­ter ser­ve the players and gua­ran­tee con­ti­nui­ty for the sport for the gene­ra­tions to come. Our tar­get is impro­ve the pace of play on golf sec­tor.


Growth­Minds pro­vi­des growth hac­king as a ser­vice to sca­le-ups and sys­te­ma­tical­ly fuels their busi­ness expan­sion.

Growth­Minds are specia­lists in the B2B tech­no­lo­gy space and work hand-in-hand with ent­repre­neurs to sup­port them in their growth objec­ti­ves. The Growth­Minds team is compri­sed of data ana­lysts, busi­ness stra­te­gists, ethical hac­kers, and growth experts with tra­di­tio­nal digi­tal growth skills such as SEO, com­mu­nica­tions and inbound mar­ke­ting. We blend the exper­ti­se of our team to deli­ver growth hac­king pro­gram­mes that under­pin a client’s deve­lop­ment of pro­duct, busi­ness model and client base.


Interpre­ter in your poc­ket! Youpret is a ser­vice, that con­nects cus­to­mers and reliable interpre­ters with ful­ly auto­ma­ted process.

Youpret makes interpre­ta­tion ser­vices avai­lable to eve­ry­one with no need to make an appoint­ment. We have deve­lo­ped unique On-Demand, pay-per-minu­te plat­form for skil­led interpre­ters.


Ser­vice­form is a tool that allows any busi­ness to easi­ly crea­te their own cus­to­mi­sed boo­king solu­tion.

Ser­vice­form’s boo­king solu­tion can be inte­gra­ted on cus­to­mer busi­nes­ses web­si­te and social media. We help busi­nes­ses with their core needs such as; Avai­la­bi­li­ty mana­ge­ment, taking pay­ments onli­ne, lead qua­li­fica­tion and auto­ma­tic invoice gene­ra­tion.


MyAgent is chan­ging the way people think and work by offe­ring a groundbrea­king out­sourcing ser­vice, so people can do what they love and make more money at the same time.

We offer small and medium-sized busi­nes­ses a way to focus on their core strengths, inc­rea­se hap­pi­ness and enga­ge­ment at work whi­le boos­ting their bot­tom line at the same time. This is achie­ved by offe­ring a high qua­li­ty, flexible and affor­dable out­sourcing as a compre­hen­si­ve ser­vice that has pre­vious­ly been only affor­dable to enterpri­se level com­pa­nies.


AutoVex.fi is a auto­ma­ted C2B mar­ketplace whe­re con­su­mers and dea­lers can easi­ly find each other and con­duct auc­tion on dif­fe­rent type of cars.

Auto­vex pro­vi­des both con­su­mers and dea­lers with effec­ti­ve plat­form to con­duct car sales/purchases. For con­su­mers Auto­vex offers widest ran­ge of dea­lers inte­res­ted in purc­ha­sing their cars and for dea­lers Auto­vex offers tools and access to wide ran­ge of con­su­mers wil­ling to sell their cars.


Aca­de­my of Brain is an onli­ne trai­ning com­pa­ny specia­lizing in work­force soft skills deve­lop­ment.

Aca­de­my of Brain offers an inte­rac­ti­ve lear­ning plat­form and inter­discipli­na­ry trai­ning con­tent to impro­ve emplo­yees self-lea­ders­hip, mana­ge­rial and well­being skills.


Fee­ling­stream is an enterpri­se SaaS plat­form that helps sales mana­gers to catch sig­nals of sales poten­tial from exis­ting cus­to­mer con­ver­sa­tions (ie. pho­ne calls etc). .

W​e ana­ly­se voice and tex­tual data (calls, web requests, sup­prot tic­kets, emails, chat etc.) for near real-time actions or sug­ges­tions to emplo­yees. Lar­ge ser­vice pro­vi­ders (like banks, telecoms, trans­por­ta­tion, uti­li­ty, etc) can use this infor­ma­tion to inc­rea­se reten­tion rate and sales results.

​Fee­ling­stream plat­form can mana­ge Nor­dic lan­gua­ges and uses AI to pre­dict sales poten­tial and churn risk from cus­to­mer ser­vice.


Pod­Me is a lis­te­ner-financed podcastplat­form offe­ring lis­te­ners access to both free podcast avai­lable on other plat­forms and Pre­mium podcasts that are exclusi­ve to the Pod­Me plat­form. Pre­mium podcasts are podcasts or epi­so­des that are free from com­mercial mes­sa­ges for which lis­te­ners pay a month­ly subsc­rip­tion fee to lis­ten to. Cur­rent­ly 17 pre­mium podcasts are con­nec­ted to the Pod­Me plat­form of which Rät­tegångs­pod­den is the most popu­lar.

Recent­ly, Schibs­ted Till­växt­me­dier AB inves­ted in Pod­Me which will enable expan­sion of efforts in con­tent, mar­ke­ting and tech and take Pod­Me one step clo­ser to beco­ming the Netflix of podcasts


Näk­ter­gal - The mort­ga­ge engi­ne

Näk­ter­gal is the tech behind the new mort­ga­ge chal­len­gers. We pro­vi­de a digi­tized and auto­ma­ted len­ding plat­form. Auto­ma­tion leads to supe­rior cus­to­mer expe­rience and low ope­ra­tio­nal costs allowing banks to offer lower inte­rest rates. Get hap­pier cus­to­mers, inc­rea­se pro­fi­ta­bi­li­ty and grow your volu­mes.


Saa­vu’s mis­sion is to get rid of inef­fec­ti­ve mass emails.

Our team has years of expe­rience com­mu­nica­ting with thousands of people. We’­ve come to learn, that efficient mass com­mu­nica­tion is about three key fac­tors: Reach, Inte­rac­tions and Fol­low ups.

We pro­vi­de a tool for mass com­mu­nica­tion through a chat inter­face, which allows all three key fac­tors to be success­ful­ly achie­ved.



 Futu­res Plat­form™ is a web-based stra­te­gic fore­sight tool that helps you and your team make your plans futu­re proof.

Futu­res Plat­form’s trend radar visua­lizes which trends and megat­rends will sha­pe your futu­re. You can tap into articles and videos on futu­re topics cura­ted by futu­re fore­sight experts. You can blend in your own insights and assess futu­re trends toget­her. You make sure your plans and acti­vi­ties are in sync with how the world is chan­ging.


Vin­den picks-up, sto­res and deli­vers things - giving our cus­to­mers full cont­rol of their sto­ra­ge. By pro­vi­ding an on-demand sto­ra­ge solu­tion with a world class user expe­rience we aim to dis­rupt a pro­fi­table and matu­re sto­ra­ge industry at the brink of a para­digm shift. The data we gene­ra­te today will enable a myriad of busi­ness oppor­tu­ni­ties and addi­tio­nal cus­to­mer offe­rings tomor­row, adding value to an alrea­dy pro­fi­table sto­ra­ge busi­ness.


Need to crea­te and publish accu­ra­te, mea­ning­ful and on time con­tent for growing num­ber of pur­po­ses is rising expo­nen­tial­ly for eve­ry busi­ness. Scoo­pi­fy is a unique plat­form that flexibly com­bi­nes con­tent pro­duc­tion pro­fes­sio­nals with media com­pa­nies nee­ding superb con­tent to publish and all busi­nes­ses struggling with their con­tent pro­duc­tion needs.


Taika Com­pa­ny deli­vers sca­lable busi­ness com­mu­nica­tions cloud ser­vices - Tai­ka Con­nect – Omnic­han­nel as a ser­vice. It com­bi­nes the cus­to­mer con­tacts and com­mu­nica­tion from dif­fe­rent digi­tal chan­nels to one plat­form & user inter­face and helps our customer’s team to orga­nize their work and ser­ve their clients bet­ter.


 Oppo­bot is a mar­ke­ting SaaS that helps B2C com­pa­nies in the con­text of inno­va­tion process from Idea­tion to Go-To-Mar­ket pha­se.

Oppo­bot is the first digi­tal tool that inte­gra­tes the crea­tion of pro­duct and ser­vice ideas, and tes­ting them into seam­less and sys­te­ma­tic process. It pro­vi­des ins­tant & glo­bal access to 60 mil­lion con­su­mer pane­lists. Our clients crea­te more power­ful pro­ducts and ser­vices whi­le save time and money. Cus­to­mer trac­tion has been very good: we have tens of paying clients, both lar­ge inter­na­tio­nal con­su­mer busi­nes­ses such as Fis­kars and Valio, and smal­ler growth busi­nes­ses, such as Ver­so Food. Our clien­te­le inclu­des com­pa­nies from Fin­land, Swe­den, Den­mark, the Net­her­lands, and the U.S.


Fund 2012

Goril­la Ven­tu­res

In 2012 we star­ted as a “Vigo” acce­le­ra­tor with a very small invest­ment fund. Goril­la Kiih­dy­tys Fund has inves­ted in over 30 ear­ly sta­ge com­pa­nies.