Goril­la Capi­tal invests in Lola Panda 🇫🇮

Lola Pan­da is a tra­de­mar­ked game cha­rac­ter, fea­tu­ring in children’s mobi­le games crea­ted by Fin­nish com­pu­ter game deve­lo­per BeiZ Oy. 

Lola Pan­da pro­vi­des best lear­ning games for children in preschool and ear­ly educa­tion. Children can learn to read, count and sol­ve problems with Lola Pan­da lear­ning games. Educa­tio­nal applica­tions deve­lo­ped by BeiZ Oy have been down­loa­ded more than 40 mil­lion times in ten lan­gua­ge areas.

Lear­ning to read is a chal­len­ge, even in count­ries with a high level of educa­tion. For example, in the Uni­ted Sta­tes, only 32% of fourth-gra­de children can read well. The lear­ning model of Lola Pan­da applica­tions has been adap­ted to suit dif­fe­rent lan­gua­ge areas based on lear­nings from pre­vious Lola Pan­da applica­tions. Lola Pan­da’s rea­ding apps have been avai­lable in ten lan­gua­ges ​​for years, so the com­pa­ny has been able to deve­lop a solu­tion to this big, glo­bal problem,” says foun­der Mika Hei­kin­hei­mo.

Knowing how to read is one of the most impor­tant skills that eve­ry­one should acqui­re at some point. The mar­ket is growing at a fast pace, but even in seve­ral lar­ge mar­kets the­re is a lack of pro­fes­sio­nal rea­ding lear­ning applica­tions. Lola World lear­ning applica­tion is in the ear­ly sta­ges of the deve­lop­ment path, but it is alrea­dy one of the best solu­tions and it has alrea­dy hel­ped thousands of children to read. Now the com­pa­ny must deli­ver on its pro­mi­se and offer even lar­ger lan­gua­ge areas the most fun way to learn to read,” says Ris­to Rau­ta­kor­pi, Foun­ding Part­ner, Goril­la Capital.

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