Our latest investment, FreightOpt, provides shippers a system to search, book and track shipments - free of charge

This is good news for ent­repre­neurs with imports or exports & using Euro­pean road freights! 

We pro­vi­de the easiest way to book freights with com­pe­ti­ti­ve prices. Freig­hOpt offers compre­hen­si­ve freight mana­ge­ment with one sys­tem - ship­pers can search, book and track ship­ments. Savings are achie­ved with mul­tiple trans­pa­rent options, hig­her volu­mes and auto­ma­tion which enables inter­na­tio­nal com­pe­ti­ti­ve­ness.” sais Niklas Björk, Co-foun­der at Freigh­tOpt Oy

”We are hap­py to join the Freigh­tOpt sto­ry and to be able to help the team reach its best poten­tial. I have expe­rienced the chal­len­ges of freight logis­tics myself when being an ent­repre­neur at Topt­ro­nics Oy. Freigh­tOpt eases the hea­dac­he of many small and mid­size com­pa­ny ent­repre­neurs. The team has wor­ked tight­ly toget­her with cus­to­mers since 2021 to pro­vi­de the easiest way to book road freights with com­pe­ti­ti­ve prices – and the sys­te­ma­tic work is star­ting to pay off with +500 unique boo­king cus­to­mers and +1,500,000€ boo­kings per year! prai­ses Pet­ri Leh­mus­kos­ki, Foun­ding Part­ner, Goril­la Capi­tal

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Freigh­tOpt web­pa­ge
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Gorilla portco Gravito was selected as the technology partner for Swiss media houses

The Swiss Digi­tal Alliance and Gra­vi­to Ltd int­ro­duce OneID, a revo­lu­tio­na­ry adver­ti­sing ID sys­tem. Empowe­ring 3 mil­lion users with unprece­den­ted data cont­rol, OneID sets new bench­marks in res­pon­sible adver­ti­sing and data protection.

The Swiss Digi­tal Alliance, a con­sor­tium of the four big­gest pri­va­te Swiss media houses (CH Media, NZZ, Rin­gier and TX Group) and public broadcas­ter SRG, is res­pon­ding to the inc­rea­sing inter­na­tio­nal com­pe­ti­tion for adver­ti­sing reve­nue by inves­ting in local cooperation. 

To achie­ve this goal, the Alliance has part­ne­red with Hel­sin­ki-based softwa­re deve­lo­per Gra­vi­to Oy, which will pro­vi­de softwa­re to crea­te the res­pon­sible adver­ti­sing ID for Switzer­land cal­led “OneID”. With OneID, over 3 mil­lion users can be addres­sed on the att­rac­ti­ve pre­mium publis­hers in Switzer­land wit­hout over­lap. At the same time, it ensu­res that modern data pro­tec­tion stan­dards are adhe­red to and that users retain cont­rol over their data.

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Gorilla invests in Dealguru – community for shopping great deals & saving money

Goril­la invests in Dealguru.se 🇸🇪

Deal­Gu­ru is crea­ting Swe­den’s lar­gest com­mu­ni­ty for shop­ping and deals. With SEK 10 mil­lion in risk capi­tal secu­red, the goal is to help Swe­des save money through smar­ter purc­ha­sing decisions.

I love good deals, but the­re is no site that col­lects all real­ly good offers and discounts. That’s why we star­ted Deal­Gu­ru, to give all Swe­des the oppor­tu­ni­ty to disco­ver all the great deals and save money,” says Johan Selin, CEO and foun­der.

- “I love saving in all forms, so Deal­Gu­ru’s busi­ness idea feels very exci­ting. Being able to be part of the jour­ney from the start and also start inves­ting in unlis­ted com­pa­nies is both very exci­ting and educa­ting,” says inves­tor Nicklas Anders­son, pre­vious­ly Avanza’s for­mer savings eco­no­mist, who joi­ned Deal­Gu­ru as one of the first inves­tors in 2022.

Goril­la Capi­tal is hap­py join forces with Deal­gu­ru team and the other inves­tors: Inno­ves­tor as well as a group of expe­rienced ent­repre­neurs, busi­ness angels and fami­ly offices from Finland.

We invest in teams with a clear vision and capaci­ty to trans­form ideas into success­ful com­pa­nies with the cus­to­mer in focus. Deal­Gu­ru ful­fills all our cri­te­ria with flying colours, which is why they are one of our very first invest­ments from our 3rd fund”, conclu­des Ris­to Rau­ta­kor­pi, Mana­ging Part­ner at Goril­la Capi­tal.

Read more about Deal­gu­ru from 👉🏼 Brea­kit article (in Swe­dish)


Deal­gu­ru Foun­ders Las­se Jär­vi­nen & CEO Johan Selin.

Axitare nominated 6th on the Deloitte Technology Fast 50 Finland winner list

Axi­ta­re nomi­na­ted 6th on the Deloit­te Tech­no­lo­gy Fast 50 Fin­land win­ner list

Goril­la port­fo­lio com­pa­ny / team Axi­ta­re, lead by Pent­ti­nen Juk­ka, has been nomi­na­ted 6th on the Deloit­te Tech­no­lo­gy Fast 50 Fin­land 2023 win­ners list.

Axi­ta­re is a Fin­nish inno­va­tor in healthca­re tech­no­lo­gy. Their hass­le-free medica­tion dis­pen­sers are sup­por­ting elder­ly people living at home.

Alrea­dy over 2,000 hap­py end-users due to tru­ly easy-to-use experience:

- Touc­he­less pill dose dispensing

- Clear voice noti­fica­tion by name to remem­ber to take the medicines

- Alerts for mis­sed medica­tion to the carer / relatives

- Easy to use for carers

- Remo­te care system

Read more about Axi­ta­re: https://axitare.com/en/

Gorilla invests in Raxalle led by CEO Lauri Sulanto.

Goril­la invests in Raxal­le led by CEO Lau­ri Sulanto.

Raxal­le auto­ma­tizes work­force mana­ge­ment and compliance on con­struc­tion sites.

It is buil­ding a plat­form to auto­ma­te day-to-day work­force mana­ge­ment and compliance tasks on con­struc­tion sites, free­ing up site per­son­nel’s time so they can focus on run­ning the project.

The Raxal­le team has spent its ear­ly days enti­re­ly cus­to­mer-fun­ded, deve­lo­ping a pro­duct in clo­se col­la­bo­ra­tion with their cus­to­mers whi­le for­ming a vision of what auto­ma­tion in this space could look like. The team is now loo­king forward to spee­ding up deve­lop­ment with the strengt­he­ned resources.

Read more

👉🏼 https://lnkd.in/dA2s39YK (Raken­nus­leh­ti, behind paywall)

👉🏼 https://lnkd.in/dBq5N7sp (Raxal­le webpage)

Gorilla invests in Kwizie.ai

Goril­la invests in Kwizie.ai

Kic­king off the year by announcing the second invest­ment from Goril­la Capi­tal Fund III

Kwizie.ai is trans­for­ming pas­si­ve video con­sump­tion into enga­ging mul­tiplayer quiz games.

Led by Chris Pet­rie (CEO), Andrei Lape­rie (CTO) and Jan­ne Jor­ma­lai­nen (Chair­man of the Board), Kwizie revo­lu­tio­nizes pas­si­ve video watc­hing by trans­for­ming any kind of video con­tent – from in-depth 3 hour lec­tu­res to brief, spon­ta­neous tuto­rials cap­tu­red using your smartp­ho­ne – into an inte­rac­ti­ve lear­ning expe­rience with AI.

In just a few minu­tes, educa­tors can trans­form even somew­hat disor­ga­nized or poor­ly recor­ded video con­tent into an orga­nized, data-dri­ven and gami­fied educa­tio­nal expe­rience for their lear­ners.

Kwizie has alrea­dy made its mark - the tool is now being used on all con­ti­nents by thousands of educa­tors (see educa­tor tes­ti­mo­nials in video and text) and ear­ning recog­ni­tion as a fina­list in five inter­na­tio­nal awards.

👉 Go and try Kwizie for free here https://www.kwizie.ai/

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