After wor­king with hundreds of dif­fe­rent kind of star­tups in dif­fe­rent industries, I must say that star­tups tend to do com­mon mistakes.

The most com­mon mis­ta­kes in my “list” are:

  1. Not unders­tan­ding problem/solution fit (typical­ly super­ficial unders­tan­ding of this)
  2. Not knowing what to prio­ri­tize and trying to do too many dif­fe­rent things (do less, do better)
  3. Focus on buil­ding sales - no focus on buil­ding unders­tan­ding (focusing on sales will not work !)

Here is also a good video from Y Com­bi­na­tor part­ner about the big­gest mis­ta­kes First-Time Foun­ders make ( )

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