For us making the ”yes we’re in” deci­sion is fast – can hap­pen in days. Deci­sion is made among the 3 of us, no com­mit­tees nee­ded. We work inde­pen­dent­ly and our deci­sion does not depend on what others do so we are often the first to com­mit.
But get­ting to the clo­sing inclu­ding pay­ment total­ly depends on you. If you are well pre­pa­red and execu­te prompt­ly on all for­ma­li­ties it can go through in a few weeks, but usual­ly it takes lon­ger – can be seve­ral months. Two most com­mon rea­sons for that are:

  1. You do not have enough inves­tors to clo­se the round (we are never the only inves­tor so you will need others)
  2. The DD brings up issues that need to be addres­sed prior to final clo­sing (such as unfi­nis­hed paperwork in sha­re transfers).

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