Cut­ting cor­ners, 3 main types:

  1. Reve­nue fun­ded – often the most bene­ficial to the foun­ders. Foun­ders keep the full cont­rol of the com­pa­ny and have all options avai­lable furt­her down the line, draw­back is you have to make ends meet with less money available.
  2. Exter­nal­ly fun­ded - typical­ly by FFF, angels or industry speci­fic inves­tors. Foun­ders are still in dri­vers seat, but get addi­tio­nal financial resources. This type of money does not seek for the most aggres­si­ve mul­tiplier with a double or not­hing stra­te­gy but is more about making care­ful­ly vet­ted bets.
  3. Ven­tu­re fun­ded – the high sta­kes game. This is the most aggres­si­ve money which is see­king for very fast growth with a very high mor­ta­li­ty rate.

What should be noted is that all 3 stra­te­gies do allow eve­ry com­pa­ny to rea­li­se their full poten­tial, the­re are many success­ful com­pa­nies (even unicorn level) who have never taken VC money. The amount of money rai­sed cor­re­la­tes poor­ly with the even­tual success.

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