Simi­lar to product/market fit, the­re needs to be a match between what the star­tup needs and the inves­tor can offer. This applies first to all “visible” ele­ments of the investor’s scree­ning pro­fi­le: fit against invest­ment stra­te­gy, sta­ge, tic­ket size, ver­tical focus etc vs the pro­fi­le of the star­tup. And it goes bey­ond the “visible” – the­re needs to be a strong align­ment in values, phi­lo­sop­hies, ways of wor­king etc for the rela­tions­hip to last during the rough ride ahead. We are not the right inves­tor for many, as what we belie­ve in is rat­her dif­fe­rent from the ste­reo­ty­pical thinking. 

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